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Megan is amazing at massage! I am also in the beauty industry so I have had many massages and Megan’s is at the top of my list. Deep tissue you ask oh yes this girl can do great deep tissue!! Just a nice relaxing massage well yes she’s great at that too. Megan is so sweet you will feel at home right away. Love love love her!!!!

                   -Rachelle Lamirato

Megan is a very knowledgeable and caring therapist with years of experience to back her.

                  -Jessica Ortiz 

Megan is fabulous! Beautiful room that is very peaceful.

                  - Shannon H.

Megan is my go-to. She’s the sweetest, most incredible, intuitive, and versatile therapist I have ever had the pleasure of getting worked on by. Whether you just need full body relaxation or more specific trigger point, or some intense deep tissue. She does it all and I always get off her table feeling 100% better than how I came in. She is truly gifted. ♥️

               -Aryanne Athena Armiger 

As a massage therapist myself, I couldn’t recommend Megan highly enough. She’s professional, compassionate and truly listens to your needs. She customizes each massage for what you need at that time. She also does some truly great neck work. Megan is an amazing person and an amazing massage therapist who I admire, respect and appreciate!!!

                                      -Kate Braniff 

Megan is truly a great massage therapist she makes you feel welcome and comfortable and her space is filled with positive energy and just a touch of serenity you get to relax and enjoy your day and just release all the tension of daily life I highly recommend her she is great at what she does 💜

                           -Alyssa Jordan Blair 

Megan gives an amazing, firm, deep tissue massage. When she’s finished, every muscle that was aching in my body is now happy and not in pain. She will focus on one specific area if that’s what her client needs. She only talks if you initiate the conversation. I’m hesitant to describe all the ways she’s such a great massage therapist, because I don’t want her to get so busy that I can’t get in as often as I’d like, but she charges a reasonable price, her work area is peaceful and surprisingly quiet.

                                                  -Katie L. 

Megan is awesome! She asks a lot of questions so that she can get to the heart of your aches and pains. And she’s really good at getting into those deep spots and releasing them!

                          -Terri Safford

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