Services and Rates 

Custom Therapeutic Massage 


60 Minutes  $70

90 Minutes  $105

120 Minutes $140

Each massage is customized to each individual's needs. Using therapies like deep tissue, trigger point, cranialsacral, and lymphatic drainage therapies. One hot towel for each client.

CBD Custom Therapeutic Massage 

60 minute     $85

90 minute     $120

Use of CBD topical during massage. CBD is good for relaxing muscles, relieving chronic pain and tension, and improves skin health and mood.

Cupping Massage


60 minute      $80

90 minute      $115

120 minute    $150

We use dry cupping techniques using silicone cups to create negative pressure that brings toxins and stagnation from deep within the muscle to the surface. This may cause healing marks that may stay for up to 2 weeks.

Heat Therapy 


$5 add on 

Not only does heat feel warm and comforting, It has many other benefits as well. Applying heat reduces your muscle tension and stiffness, Improves circulation, and reduces inflammation. Improved circulation can help eliminate the buildup of lactic acid waste that occurs after some types of exercise. During a heat therapy massage the use of hot stones, hot towels, and hot packs will be applied.



1 60 Minute session per month $60

2 60 minute sessions per month $110

4 60 Minute sessions per month $200

1 90 Minute session Per Month $90

2 90 Minute sessions Per Month $170

4 90 Minute sessions Per Month $320

Sessions not used will roll over to the next month. Rolled over sessions expire after 1 year. Additional sessions may be added for the price paid for a single session. Memberships will be charged monthly. To cancel you must provide a 30 day notice. 

 Package Deals 


3 Hours $165

4 Hours $220

5 Hours $275

6 Hours $330

Package deals may be split as desired. Value expires after 1 year from purchase date.