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professional massage

Services and Rates 

Custom Therapeutic Massage 

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60 minutes      $80 
90 minutes      $115 
120 minutes    $150 

Integrated massage using techniques such as Neuromuscular, Deep tissue, Swedish, Lymphatic drainage, and Cranialsacral. Every massage includes a complimentary hot towel. 

Face Refresh treatment 

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With 60 minute massage 

15 minutes $100

30 minutes $120

With 90 minute massage 

15 minutes $135

30 minutes $155

Solo session

30 minutes $45

Treat your face with a lymphatic drainage face refresh treatment. This treatment focuses on the lymphatic system in the face and neck areas. Using lymphatic drainage techniques, gua sha tools, hot and cold elements, as well as a customized oil blend, your face will feel lighter and refreshed.

Assisted Stretch Sessions

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With 60 minute massage 

15 minutes $100

30 minutes $115

With 90 minute massage 

15 minutes $135

30 minutes $150

Solo session 

30 minutes $35

Assisted stretching is where a practitioner helps to stretch your muscles. This can be beneficial to get a deeper stretch and make sure that the movement is done correctly. Assisted stretching allows your body to move in ways that it is not able to when stretching alone.

Wellness plans 

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Bliss - $65 per month 
One 60 minute massage 

Tranquility - $100 per month 
One 90 minute massage 

Peace of mind - $130 per month 
Two 60 minute massages 

Total Serenity - $200 per month 
Two 90 minute massages 


Monthly Autopay either the 1st or 15th 
Add additional massage for same rate

Unused sessions will roll over for 60 days
May cancel at anytime with a 30 day notice 
May include one associate member 


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Cupping     $10

We use dry cupping techniques using silicone cups to create negative pressure that brings toxins and stagnation from deep within the muscle to the surface. This may cause healing marks that may stay for up to 2 weeks.

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HerbalTouch    $10 

Use of CBD topical during massage. CBD is good for relaxing muscles, relieving chronic pain and tension, and improves skin health and mood.

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AromaTouch    $10

Blend of Sunflower oil and your choice of essential oils. 

Recommended blends


Lavender and Bergamot 


Tension tamer 

Wintergreen and Sweet Marjoram



Tangerine and Eucalyptus 



Tangerine and GeraniumRose 


Or create your own using 1-2 oils of your choice


inexpensive massage

2 hours $140 
3 hours $210
4 hours $280 

Can be divided as pleased 
Expires after 6 months from purchase date 

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